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Window Cleaning

Exterior Windows
We use reverse osmosis water and special water fed poles and brushes to clean most exterior windows. The water is so pure everything that could leave spots or streaks has been removed. We vigorously scrub the frame and window to remove cobwebs, bug spots and any visible dirt. When they dry, the windows are spotless and shiny clean. For most windows, this means we minimize the use of ladders on your house and won’t need to be in your flower beds or gardens. If there is paint, hard water spots or hard to remove barbeque grease, we scrap the windows clean using special stainless steel razors. We hand wash some exterior windows and doors when extra care is needed. We are all about care, quality and respect of your property.
Interior Windows
We use Sunlight soap. The same you use to get your glasses and dishes spotlessly clean.

Here is what happens when we arrive for the interior.
  • We remove our outdoor shoes and put on our indoor footwear.
  • We start by putting down a towel to protect your floor and carpets near the windows.
  • We also use drop clothes to protect bigger furniture items. We move or work around your furniture and take extra care around your breakables. Sometimes we request that you remove fragile items before we start.
With windows that are easily accessible, we remove the screen and wash and dry them. We then wipe the frame and track. Finally, we scrub the window with our mops and use our squeegee technique to leave the window spotless. We finish the job by detailing the edges with a clean dry cotton cloth. For hard to remove spots, we use our razor sharp scrapers.

If you have any inside high windows, we lay down rubber mat for the ladder and a drop cloth for the floor. We protect your wall’s paint by having a towel at the top of our ladder so the actual ladder doesn’t touch the wall. From there, we proceed to clean the windows just as with all the other windows.

At the end, we do a visual inspection of all inside and outside windows to make sure everything is spotless and clean. Our team is friendly and courteous and our goal is beautifully clean windows and having the same type of care and caution you would use if you did the work yourself.

For a small additional fee, we can change the light bulbs you can’t reach, clean your ceiling fans and leave your mirrors spotless.

Window Cleaning For Your Business
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